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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clickbank Affiliate Loophole Exposed

Michael Edwards recently came out with a product called Clickbank Affiliate Loophole.

Well, I was checking out  reviews for the product which claims that you can make money without selling a single thing,  I'm not sure if its with Clickbank or not so I don't know exactly what the loophole is; I found that the reviewers of this product seemed to think that its all original and "revolutionary" just to quote a few of the choice words they used.

Here's what Michael Edwards says about his product:

I have put together a very unique product showing affiliates
that there are other places online that they can make a killing,
and the best part is that they can do this without selling a
single thing. Crazy concept I know, but it just proves the
point that they can set up a simple system that works
on autopilot selling nothing at all and once set up it will
churn out cash each and every month like clockwork.

I'm not talking adsense, needing an email list, selling links
on your site, putting up banners and hoping someone buys
from your link, or any other fad you can think of. This is very
unique, which will no doubt make it sell like gangbusters on
launch day.

So Michael Edwards "put together" this very unique product huh?

Well, I found out otherwise and I don't mean that it was ghostwritten which would be ok.

I got the tip off from a discussion on the Warrior Forum:

Here's a tip from a disgruntled CB Affiliate Loophole affiliate (I thought I was backing a quality original product). Bring up the CBAL sales page. Search for and bring up the No Sales System sales page. Notice anything? Yup, they're the same.

Go back to your NSS search and find it being sold with MRR for CHEAP. Bam, you just saved yourself at least $40.  


While there is nothing wrong with Master Resale Rights or repackaging resale rights products, please add some type of originality to it. I'd feel almost like a fool if I had bought something that was out for more than 2 years (the No Sales System was released by Ewen Chia in 2008 according to my research).

This is one of the reasons why you must always thoroughly do your research not only before you buy something online but before you promote something and call it "original" and "revolutionary".

I just saved you at least $77. Check out Wealthy Affiliate for a month and see if you like it. There's nothing "revolutionary" about it but you do get a solid education in affiliate and internet marketing.