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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Downloaded Secret Affiliate Code 2

So I downloaded Secret Affiliate Code 2 yesterday and I must say its a lot of information. Lots of downloads and I'm quite surprised and pleased that Eric Rockefeller would give away his Last Affiliate Secret ebook as a bonus. Last Affiliate Secret is available in the download area for free.

Like I said there's a lot of stuff to go through and I decided to start with the main Secret Affiliate Code 2 guide. I took a skim through last night and there's stuff that's completely new to me and there's stuff that's not that secret to me.

I only skimmed the book so I would really have to go through it again to give an honest review of the guide. Then when I'm finished with the whole system, I'll have to do a review of that followed by the implementation of the methods.

For now over 800 people have downloaded Secret Affiliate Code 2 and the price is set to go up anytime it hits 1000 orders. So grab it now and crush your competition in 2009 and beyond.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Secret Affiliate Code 2 Now Available

Secret Affiliate Code 2 is now available.

Craig will only be offering the package at the current price to the first 1000 customers so be sure to act fast.

Keep an eye on this blog as I will be offering a full review of the product if you decided not to grab it now. Also I would be testing the strategies and posting my results on this blog so look out for that as well.

Grab Secret Affiliate Code 2 Now.

The Secret To Getting Top Google Rankings

Its not a secret at all. when I first started to learn about SEO, I could only dream of getting my website on Google's first page, let alone #1.

But that was over 2 years ago and things have changed so much since then.

Different marketers have their own methods and ways in which they rank for the keywords that they want to rank for . Some take a lot of time, some take a lot of resources; some take not much of both. Regardless, they usually accomplish what they set out to do.

But there can only be one #1.

In the Secret Affiliate Code, Craig Beckta reveals his SEO strategies that would allow ordinary, everyday people like you to conquer Google and compete with well known gurus. His strategies have helped many but they are his strategies.

So what's the secret to beating Craig at his game?

Improvise and come up with a better strategy. Craig soon found that someone had put a spin on his strategies and was working far less than he was every day to the point where it made him look like a workaholic.

Craig stole those secrets (legally) after the guy wouldn't put a price to them.

Thats why Craig created the Secret Affiliate code update his SAC strategies which have been evolved and are much bigger than those he used before.

How will you use Secret Affiliate Code 2? Will you go by the book? Will you improvise? Evolve the strategies?

Remember there is a huge buzz for Secret Affiliate Code 2 and everyone who gets this package is going to know the secrets. How will you stay ahead of them? There can only be one #1. Will that be you and how will you do it?

Monday, October 20, 2008

1000 Copies Sold in 6 hours?

Just so that you know, Secret Affiliate Code 2 goes live at 2pm EST tomorrow.

Its very important that you know this since Craig is raising the price after the first 1000 copies are sold. The first 1000 copies of Secret Affiliate Code sold out in less than 6 hours and this launch should be even bigger.

So tomorrow make sure you keep your eyes on the clock and go to the Secret Affiliate Code 2 homepage as soon as the clock hits 2pm EST.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blow Away the Competition

Time is ticking. Secret Affiliate Code 2 is less than 48 hours away.

The competition is fierce and hostile. Thats how it is in the internet marketing and if you don't have a good plan to dominate the search engines then you can kiss your affiliate commissions goodbye.

Craig Beckta got consistent top Google rankings that put him in the position to earn big during some of the biggest product launches that came out before his own Secret Affiliate Code.

Here's just one of them.

Craig put his plan down and made it available so that anyone could do the same and compete with the big gurus with the big lists.

This broke the code that only big gurus could make the big money from product launches and only if you had a big subscriber list.

Now the small affiliate marketer could compete with the gurus and the playing field would be level.

With Secret Affiliate Code 2, Craig has updated his techniques and made them even better. This means that if you use the old Secret Affiliate Code techniques you would only be working much harder than the affiliate who is using the new Secret Affiliate Code 2 techniques.

Not only that but for all your hard work you will only see a fraction of the results that the affiliate who is using Secret Affiliate Code 2 techniques and working less than you are, is seeing.

Will you be the one to be left behind?

Secret Affiliate Code 2
comes out on Tuesday Oct 21 at 2pm EST.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Video Proof That Secret Affiliate Code 2 Tactics Work

Secret Affiliate Code 2 is just less than 3 days away.

Craig just posted a video message on the site that he wants you to see. In the video Craig gives you a look at this Clickbank account for a 4 month period.

From what I saw this is shocking proof that the strategies in Secret Affiliate Code 2 work like nothing you've ever seen.

There is no way you can let this opportunity pass you by. Go to the site right now and watch the video and get ready to pick up Secret Affiliate Code 2 when it comes out on Tuesday at 2pm EST.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whats Included in the Secret Affiliate Code 2

The Secret Affiliate Code 2 is all about traffic. Tital waves of it.

If you own the Secret Affiliate Code then you will know that Craig introduced the world to a completely new system that few knew about. It was the same exact system he used to get top Google listings and positioned himself to make huge piles of cash from product launches like Mass Control and Product Launch Formula 2.0.

With Secret Affiliate Code 2, Craig will introduce you to yet another completely new system, one that is even better than the one mentioned in his first offering.

To give you an idea of whats to come, here is whats included in the Secret Affiliate code 2.

The Main Secret Affiliate Code 2 System

  • The one affiliate blueprint that lays out all the steps between where you are... and where the money is...

  • The roadmap that gives you the goods to route your own journey to the perfectly profitable niches...

  • The simple 1 - 2 -3 tactics to secretly spy on all your competition, and even your partners. It's like you've got the CIA in your pocket...

  • Brand new FREE TOOLS you'll use to get into your competition's head. Brain-suck your way to insane profits...

  • 9 FREE research tools that keep you from wasting time selling ice to eskimos. Now you'll sell the best “food” to the hungriest markets...

  • The hidden location to HUNDREDS OF FREE TEMPLATES you'll use to suck in cash like a straw in lemonade....

  • A killer update to a covert strategy that puts you miles ahead of the competition no matter how big they are, or how small you are...

  • The mystery of the TCM formula is revealed. It's drop-dead simple but you may not have even heard of it...

  • The quick and easy marketing workout that puts massive muscle into your affiliate plans. Imagine bench pressing big bags of money... a whole lot more.

The 121 page Roadmap to Huge Affiliate Cash

Video Series for those who like to learn visually.

Video 1: The SEO Code Uncovered

Video 2: Cash-Sucking Blogging

Video 3: Using XXXXXX For A Secret Swarm Of Traffic

Video 4: Video Marketing On A Shoestring

Video 5: Beyond Web 2.0 Tactics

Video 6: Content Creation Made Super-Simple

Video 7: How To Always Choose A Profitable Niche

Video 8: List Building Secrets Of The Affiliate Stars

Video 9: How To Become A Person Of Influence

Video 10:The Master Plan To Earn Affiliate Mega Cash

Search Engine Domination Mini Ebook

Cracked Code 2 which is an update on all the old strategies so that you can stay current and always be ahead of the other marketers.

Daily Planner for Internet Marketers

Money Mindset Ebook

& A Very special Total Newbie Pack which is geared towards first time marketers.

Finally as an added bonus Craig gives you two audio interviews that feature Willie Crawford and Alex Goad. I have a feeling the Alex Goad interview is the one he's giving away right now but if you don't get it before the launch then you'll still be able to get it when you get the Secret Affiliate Code 2.

The entire package does look great and Craig is definitely overdelivering again. It will take me a while to get through all of this stuff and implement it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31K in 8 Days?

Its the kind of money you always dreamed about when you first heard about 'making money online'. Even now making 31K in 8 days is awesome bank.

Even more awesome if you just did 4 hours of work per week.

Craig is doing just that and he promises to show you exactly how he did it in the upcoming Secret Affiliate Code 2 which is just 7 days away.

If you bought his first package, then the Secret Affiliate Code 2 is supposed to fill in the blanks for you. Craig's a pretty smart dude and you can be sure that he is listening to his customers and delivering just what they want.

31K in 8 Days. Will this be your story?

Climbing The Internet Marketing Ladder

You may not know this but Craig Beckta joined Wealthy Affiliate on October 14 2007 - thats exactly one year ago today.

He wasn't a total newbie, he already had his review site but Wealthy Affiliate helped him hone his skills as an internet marketer.

Only 2 days after he had signed up he announced that he had used the techniques on the forum to gain 5 top spots on Google for the prelaunch of Adwords Reloaded.

Craig did not want to always be at the bottom rung of the internet marketing ladder for too long.

Fast forward to October 2008 and Craig has already released a very successful package in Secret Affiliate Code earlier this year and the follow up to this is only a week away.

All this in one year so you could tell that Craig is definitely doing something right.

One of the videos from his Secret Affiliate Code 2 package is about "How To Become A Person of Influence". This topic is visited in his prelaunch interview with Alex Goad as he explains what he had to do to climb the ladder in such a quick space of time.

I believe that this should be beneficial to anyone who wants to do the same. Going from a nobody to well known respected marketer in under a year is nothing to wince about. Alex Goad also has a similar experience and shows how he became 'a person of influence'.

Why would anyone want to become a person of influence? Because no one listens to the little affiliate and it may just mean the difference between conversion ratios.

You can download the interview with Alex and Craig now and get the full Secret Affiliate Code 2 package on October 21st.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Something I Noticed About Secret Affiliate Code 2 Reviews

Actually its not just Secret affiliate Code 2 reviews but most internet marketing product launch reviews.

Its not surprising what some of these reviewers have to say considering they are solely after the money. I'm guilty of the same thing too back when I was still very hungry but you would think that some of these reviewers would grow up.

I'm talking about the ones that should know better...the ones with pretty looking wordpress blogs with the dot net domains and redirect urls.

Like for example, I was checking out some reviews this morning and had to stop to think..."why the hell would you do a thing like that?"

Here's what the blogger said:
When I first purchased my copy of Secret Affiliate Code, I was surprised with what it was all about. I was expecting some lousy 70-page ebook with about 20 pages of those being actual quality content. But nope, I was wrong. Craig Beckta shocked me when I received 151 pages of pure, new content. This was exactly what he was doing.
So you were expecting a lousy 70 page ebook with 20 pages of actual quality content? You made a purchase?

Its not like it was a complimentary review copy of Secret Affiliate Code he recieved.

Ok, ok. I guess most people don't really stop to rationalize stuff like that when they read reviews. And he was making a recommendation so...ok. But for real though, reviewers need to step up their game.

Also I never got to say it, ( I might later) but Google Wealth Maker or Taker was crap! Take that!

I'm gonna do a review of Secret Affiliate Code 2 when I get my copy. I want to purchase my copy so that I can give a balanced, unbiased review instead of asking Craig for a review copy.

This way I won't feel like I HAVE TO say something nice about it if it actually turns out to be a crappy piece of work.

I know Craigs work and I know this is going to be good. The only shock I would get is if its actually really bad.

I'm already feeling good with the prelaunch bonus and thats why I'm promoting Craigs Secret Affiliate Code 2.

If you haven't downloaded the bonus interview with Craig and Alex Goad, go now to the Secret Affiliate code 2 website and get it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Secret Affiliate Code 2 Interview with Alex Goad

I just downloaded Craig Beckta's Secret Affiliate Code 2 bonus. Its an audio interview with another marketer you may have heard about - Alex Goad.

Now the reason I decided to promote Secret Affiliate Code 2 is because of the value that was presented in this interview alone. That is an indication of quality of material Secret Affiliate Code 2 will bring.

I'm just on the first 5 pages of the transcript and there's already a 'secret code' that most internet marketers aren't using. I know Craig Beckta from the Wealthy Affiliate forums so I know that he delivers. In fact, to say Craig delivers is an understatement because he over delivers.

This audio interview is proof that he does just that. Be sure to visit the site and pick up the interview and transcript

Craig Beckta's Secret Affiliate Code 2 will be available on October 21st at 2pm EST.