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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Google Terminator "Review" - Isn't Google Already Dead?

Ok, here we go again.

Another product that aims to "kill" Google.

First there's Google Sniper, Google Assassin, Google Slapper, Google Annihilator, Google Massacre and the lot. Why is everyone being so violent?

You would think by now that they would lay of the "Google *****" formula since all those Google kits and the fact that when the average internet marketer sees a name like Google Kidnapper, they already know its going to be a hyped up rehash that we've seen before just with another name.

This isn't going to be a review of Google Terminator because Chris Fox isn't releasing it until Black Friday - November 27th.

All the other Google Terminator reviews are just written off the sales page anyway or from the jv material. Well, only a few people do get a review copy that post their reviews.

I'll have a review of Google Rambo, er, Google Terminator after it comes out on November 27th.

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