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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blow Away the Competition

Time is ticking. Secret Affiliate Code 2 is less than 48 hours away.

The competition is fierce and hostile. Thats how it is in the internet marketing and if you don't have a good plan to dominate the search engines then you can kiss your affiliate commissions goodbye.

Craig Beckta got consistent top Google rankings that put him in the position to earn big during some of the biggest product launches that came out before his own Secret Affiliate Code.

Here's just one of them.

Craig put his plan down and made it available so that anyone could do the same and compete with the big gurus with the big lists.

This broke the code that only big gurus could make the big money from product launches and only if you had a big subscriber list.

Now the small affiliate marketer could compete with the gurus and the playing field would be level.

With Secret Affiliate Code 2, Craig has updated his techniques and made them even better. This means that if you use the old Secret Affiliate Code techniques you would only be working much harder than the affiliate who is using the new Secret Affiliate Code 2 techniques.

Not only that but for all your hard work you will only see a fraction of the results that the affiliate who is using Secret Affiliate Code 2 techniques and working less than you are, is seeing.

Will you be the one to be left behind?

Secret Affiliate Code 2
comes out on Tuesday Oct 21 at 2pm EST.

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