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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Downloaded Secret Affiliate Code 2

So I downloaded Secret Affiliate Code 2 yesterday and I must say its a lot of information. Lots of downloads and I'm quite surprised and pleased that Eric Rockefeller would give away his Last Affiliate Secret ebook as a bonus. Last Affiliate Secret is available in the download area for free.

Like I said there's a lot of stuff to go through and I decided to start with the main Secret Affiliate Code 2 guide. I took a skim through last night and there's stuff that's completely new to me and there's stuff that's not that secret to me.

I only skimmed the book so I would really have to go through it again to give an honest review of the guide. Then when I'm finished with the whole system, I'll have to do a review of that followed by the implementation of the methods.

For now over 800 people have downloaded Secret Affiliate Code 2 and the price is set to go up anytime it hits 1000 orders. So grab it now and crush your competition in 2009 and beyond.


  1. How has it worked for you? It would be great to get an update! I was thinking of trying it out. It seems to have gotten mixed reviews. Making money online is so tough... Please do an update! Thanks.

  2. Sorry Dan, its just that soon after SAC2 came out I got busy with another project and haven't had time to do an update.

    In short, SAC2 is a good product that taught me a few new tricks (I have a few years of experience in IM) but some of it I already knew. I got a lot of value out of the interviews but mostly I think this is just an update to SAC1 with some added value. I'd rate it about a 7/10. Keep in mind that I haven't gotten through all of the bonus material but the main stuff I went through in the two days after I downloaded it.

    If you're struggling to make money online I think you'll easily find a lot more value in it than I did.

    I'll still post the update when I have some time, maybe later tonight.

    Thanks for stopping by.