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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31K in 8 Days?

Its the kind of money you always dreamed about when you first heard about 'making money online'. Even now making 31K in 8 days is awesome bank.

Even more awesome if you just did 4 hours of work per week.

Craig is doing just that and he promises to show you exactly how he did it in the upcoming Secret Affiliate Code 2 which is just 7 days away.

If you bought his first package, then the Secret Affiliate Code 2 is supposed to fill in the blanks for you. Craig's a pretty smart dude and you can be sure that he is listening to his customers and delivering just what they want.

31K in 8 Days. Will this be your story?


  1. I wonder... 31$k... Would that not be just the income Craig Generated witht he sale of SAC 1?

  2. I would think he made more than that off SAC1. He sold like 3500+ copies but you could be right.