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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Secret Affiliate Code 2 Interview with Alex Goad

I just downloaded Craig Beckta's Secret Affiliate Code 2 bonus. Its an audio interview with another marketer you may have heard about - Alex Goad.

Now the reason I decided to promote Secret Affiliate Code 2 is because of the value that was presented in this interview alone. That is an indication of quality of material Secret Affiliate Code 2 will bring.

I'm just on the first 5 pages of the transcript and there's already a 'secret code' that most internet marketers aren't using. I know Craig Beckta from the Wealthy Affiliate forums so I know that he delivers. In fact, to say Craig delivers is an understatement because he over delivers.

This audio interview is proof that he does just that. Be sure to visit the site and pick up the interview and transcript

Craig Beckta's Secret Affiliate Code 2 will be available on October 21st at 2pm EST.

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