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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Climbing The Internet Marketing Ladder

You may not know this but Craig Beckta joined Wealthy Affiliate on October 14 2007 - thats exactly one year ago today.

He wasn't a total newbie, he already had his review site but Wealthy Affiliate helped him hone his skills as an internet marketer.

Only 2 days after he had signed up he announced that he had used the techniques on the forum to gain 5 top spots on Google for the prelaunch of Adwords Reloaded.

Craig did not want to always be at the bottom rung of the internet marketing ladder for too long.

Fast forward to October 2008 and Craig has already released a very successful package in Secret Affiliate Code earlier this year and the follow up to this is only a week away.

All this in one year so you could tell that Craig is definitely doing something right.

One of the videos from his Secret Affiliate Code 2 package is about "How To Become A Person of Influence". This topic is visited in his prelaunch interview with Alex Goad as he explains what he had to do to climb the ladder in such a quick space of time.

I believe that this should be beneficial to anyone who wants to do the same. Going from a nobody to well known respected marketer in under a year is nothing to wince about. Alex Goad also has a similar experience and shows how he became 'a person of influence'.

Why would anyone want to become a person of influence? Because no one listens to the little affiliate and it may just mean the difference between conversion ratios.

You can download the interview with Alex and Craig now and get the full Secret Affiliate Code 2 package on October 21st.

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