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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Secret To Getting Top Google Rankings

Its not a secret at all. when I first started to learn about SEO, I could only dream of getting my website on Google's first page, let alone #1.

But that was over 2 years ago and things have changed so much since then.

Different marketers have their own methods and ways in which they rank for the keywords that they want to rank for . Some take a lot of time, some take a lot of resources; some take not much of both. Regardless, they usually accomplish what they set out to do.

But there can only be one #1.

In the Secret Affiliate Code, Craig Beckta reveals his SEO strategies that would allow ordinary, everyday people like you to conquer Google and compete with well known gurus. His strategies have helped many but they are his strategies.

So what's the secret to beating Craig at his game?

Improvise and come up with a better strategy. Craig soon found that someone had put a spin on his strategies and was working far less than he was every day to the point where it made him look like a workaholic.

Craig stole those secrets (legally) after the guy wouldn't put a price to them.

Thats why Craig created the Secret Affiliate code update his SAC strategies which have been evolved and are much bigger than those he used before.

How will you use Secret Affiliate Code 2? Will you go by the book? Will you improvise? Evolve the strategies?

Remember there is a huge buzz for Secret Affiliate Code 2 and everyone who gets this package is going to know the secrets. How will you stay ahead of them? There can only be one #1. Will that be you and how will you do it?

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