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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whats Included in the Secret Affiliate Code 2

The Secret Affiliate Code 2 is all about traffic. Tital waves of it.

If you own the Secret Affiliate Code then you will know that Craig introduced the world to a completely new system that few knew about. It was the same exact system he used to get top Google listings and positioned himself to make huge piles of cash from product launches like Mass Control and Product Launch Formula 2.0.

With Secret Affiliate Code 2, Craig will introduce you to yet another completely new system, one that is even better than the one mentioned in his first offering.

To give you an idea of whats to come, here is whats included in the Secret Affiliate code 2.

The Main Secret Affiliate Code 2 System

  • The one affiliate blueprint that lays out all the steps between where you are... and where the money is...

  • The roadmap that gives you the goods to route your own journey to the perfectly profitable niches...

  • The simple 1 - 2 -3 tactics to secretly spy on all your competition, and even your partners. It's like you've got the CIA in your pocket...

  • Brand new FREE TOOLS you'll use to get into your competition's head. Brain-suck your way to insane profits...

  • 9 FREE research tools that keep you from wasting time selling ice to eskimos. Now you'll sell the best “food” to the hungriest markets...

  • The hidden location to HUNDREDS OF FREE TEMPLATES you'll use to suck in cash like a straw in lemonade....

  • A killer update to a covert strategy that puts you miles ahead of the competition no matter how big they are, or how small you are...

  • The mystery of the TCM formula is revealed. It's drop-dead simple but you may not have even heard of it...

  • The quick and easy marketing workout that puts massive muscle into your affiliate plans. Imagine bench pressing big bags of money... a whole lot more.

The 121 page Roadmap to Huge Affiliate Cash

Video Series for those who like to learn visually.

Video 1: The SEO Code Uncovered

Video 2: Cash-Sucking Blogging

Video 3: Using XXXXXX For A Secret Swarm Of Traffic

Video 4: Video Marketing On A Shoestring

Video 5: Beyond Web 2.0 Tactics

Video 6: Content Creation Made Super-Simple

Video 7: How To Always Choose A Profitable Niche

Video 8: List Building Secrets Of The Affiliate Stars

Video 9: How To Become A Person Of Influence

Video 10:The Master Plan To Earn Affiliate Mega Cash

Search Engine Domination Mini Ebook

Cracked Code 2 which is an update on all the old strategies so that you can stay current and always be ahead of the other marketers.

Daily Planner for Internet Marketers

Money Mindset Ebook

& A Very special Total Newbie Pack which is geared towards first time marketers.

Finally as an added bonus Craig gives you two audio interviews that feature Willie Crawford and Alex Goad. I have a feeling the Alex Goad interview is the one he's giving away right now but if you don't get it before the launch then you'll still be able to get it when you get the Secret Affiliate Code 2.

The entire package does look great and Craig is definitely overdelivering again. It will take me a while to get through all of this stuff and implement it.

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