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Monday, October 13, 2008

Something I Noticed About Secret Affiliate Code 2 Reviews

Actually its not just Secret affiliate Code 2 reviews but most internet marketing product launch reviews.

Its not surprising what some of these reviewers have to say considering they are solely after the money. I'm guilty of the same thing too back when I was still very hungry but you would think that some of these reviewers would grow up.

I'm talking about the ones that should know better...the ones with pretty looking wordpress blogs with the dot net domains and redirect urls.

Like for example, I was checking out some reviews this morning and had to stop to think..."why the hell would you do a thing like that?"

Here's what the blogger said:
When I first purchased my copy of Secret Affiliate Code, I was surprised with what it was all about. I was expecting some lousy 70-page ebook with about 20 pages of those being actual quality content. But nope, I was wrong. Craig Beckta shocked me when I received 151 pages of pure, new content. This was exactly what he was doing.
So you were expecting a lousy 70 page ebook with 20 pages of actual quality content? You made a purchase?

Its not like it was a complimentary review copy of Secret Affiliate Code he recieved.

Ok, ok. I guess most people don't really stop to rationalize stuff like that when they read reviews. And he was making a recommendation so...ok. But for real though, reviewers need to step up their game.

Also I never got to say it, ( I might later) but Google Wealth Maker or Taker was crap! Take that!

I'm gonna do a review of Secret Affiliate Code 2 when I get my copy. I want to purchase my copy so that I can give a balanced, unbiased review instead of asking Craig for a review copy.

This way I won't feel like I HAVE TO say something nice about it if it actually turns out to be a crappy piece of work.

I know Craigs work and I know this is going to be good. The only shock I would get is if its actually really bad.

I'm already feeling good with the prelaunch bonus and thats why I'm promoting Craigs Secret Affiliate Code 2.

If you haven't downloaded the bonus interview with Craig and Alex Goad, go now to the Secret Affiliate code 2 website and get it.

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